10 Classrooms

8 Workshops

17 Trainers



Recommended Courses

Engine Mechanical Systems

A 10 day training program that trains the participants how to assemble and disassemble engines practically.


A training program that trains the interested candidates how to paint passenger vehicles effectively

Effective Project Planning

Participants will be provided with a powerful set of tools to improve their ability to plan, implement and manage projects to accomplish specific organizational objectives.

Sales Management

Participants will learn not just about setting sales targets, but also how to effectively manage a sales team in terms of people management, processes and strategy alignment.

Why Us ?

Why Us ?

Expert Instructors

we have qualified trainers with vast experience in different fields, and you will be able to grasp and benefit from this experience.

Learning Documents

we provide you with up to date material that has all the information you will need.

Powerful Learning Tools

our training sessions are based on hands-on and practical learning approaches, where you will be applying all the theoretical knowledge you gain using our equipment, machines, and scenarios that imitate the real life.

GB Academy’s 3,400 square meter training facility in Abu Rawash is outfitted with state-of-the art workshops and classrooms equipped to provide technical training in engine, mechanical, electrical, bus and paint work and numerous industry-specific skills. It also includes blended classroom facilities, business skill centers, meeting rooms, and a conference center. The facilities are overseen by a superb team of technical and business trainers that make sure every amenity provided by the academy is used in a way that best delivers training modules to trainees.

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